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How to play online at InterCasino
At InterCasino, you're the real deal. And we've designed the site, our offers, and our games with you in mind. So, if you’re new to InterCasino, or even the world of online casino itself, don’t worry as we’ll have you up and running in next to no time. Plus, InterCasino is available 24/7 365-days-a-year on both desktop and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android. So, wherever you happen to be, or whatever time it is, you can be sure to enjoy an unforgettable online casino experience.

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Signing up is simple. Just click ‘Join now’ at the top of the page, fill out a few details in the simple forms and get ready to play. But, of course, when you do decide to deposit through any of our wide variety of payment methods, you’ll be entitled to receive our exciting Welcome Offer.

InterCasino has hundreds of top-quality games. As well as super popular slots, such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Gemix, there’s also Blackjack, Roulette, Table Games (including Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold’em and more) and our interactive Live Casino experience. That’s on top of InterCasino’s progressive jackpot slots, including Cleopatra, Divine Fortune and Mega Moolah, which have been known to pay out truly life-changing amounts in excess of 10 Million!

So, what are you waiting for? Join InterCasino today — seriously entertaining since 1996.

Which online casino game pays out the most?
We are proud to offer a number of progressive jackpot games that have prizes in the millions of euros. Every year, each of these games will have a number of winners who are lucky enough to win a lifechanging real money prize of more than one million euros. The two best known games of this sort are Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah - both games are available on InterCasino.

A wonderful example of this happened in May 2017 when one lucky player won €3.2 million euros on Mega Fortune. Can you imagine winning a cash prize like that and how it would change the lives of you and your family?

There are obviously many thousands of online slot games with payouts that we would all love to win, but in terms of the highest amounts, these two – Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah – stand out.

What are online casino bonuses?
There are two main types of online casino bonuses. The first are Bonus Spins, where the casino gives a player a certain number of plays on a game for no cost. Normally, Bonus Spins apply to just one slot.

The other main type of online casino bonus relates to the amount of money deposited by a player. For example, if a player deposits one hundred pounds, the casino might double their money so that there are two hundred pounds to play with. The amount of the bonus being offered will vary from website to website and also from offer to offer.

The allure of Bonus Spins
We provide players with a variety of Bonus Spin offers from the moment they sign up, to the point where they become InterCasino regulars and beyond. We even send out Bonus Spin offers from time to time, mostly because there aren’t many players who don’t want to the chance to play for free.

But players should also be aware that Bonus Spins come with wagering requirements. These require players to wager a certain about of money before any winnings from Bonus Spins can be withdrawn. However, there’s nothing to say that you won’t win even more money while satisfying the wagering requirements.

And, of course, Bonus Spins are optional. You don’t have to use them. Many VIPs, for example, are not interested in playing for free, but only want to play with the money they deposit. The choice is yours.

What gives us a reputation as a VIP casino?
We opened one of the first internet casinos in the UK, all the way back in 1996. This long history has given us the time to perfect the attention and handling that we show to our VIPs. In case you are unaware, VIPs are big players who like to gamble and have the income to make sizable bets.

Throughout our prestigious 20-year-plus history, we have become well known for our superb treatment of VIP players, which has gradually attracted more and more VIPs to us. Not that we only cater to VIPs. We know you're the real deal. But VIPs get that extra special treatment.

How do we treat our VIPs?
We have a dedicated team of VIP staff, each of whom provide bespoke services to these players. We therefore offer our top players a range of special tournaments, bonuses and options to enhance their entertainment experience.

And since we love our VIPs, we arrange trips for groups of them, depending on their interests. For example, we have taken players to the FA Cup Final at Wembley, to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, to horse racing at Royal Ascot, to music concerts, film sets, and more. As much as we can, these experiences are tailored to our customers. If you are a big player, we would love to start working with you - because we have a lot of fun too!

Where are our VIPs based?
Our international presence has enabled us to grow the number of our big players globally. While most of our players are based in Europe, we now have players that live thousands of miles away, across all four corners of the world.

Is it possible to beat an online casino?
Our games are audited and checked often to ensure that they operate within some very strict rules and guidelines. The question remains, is it possible to beat an online casino? This is such a popular topic that there have even been university courses teaching about the way casinos work.

Some games give the player better odds than others. However, many online casino and slot games are inherently fun and so while it may be possible to win over the long-term with very careful play, they are designed mainly for entertainment. We even have games that do both. For example, the game that is considered to give the best odds to a player is blackjack, but we now offer live versions for real in-home gaming entertainment. It is vital to understand this difference before trying to beat the house. Whatever you personally think of slot and casino games, they all have real money prizes and there are players winning jackpots every single day.

Where does InterCasino operate?
As an internet business, InterCasino has players from many countries. We have a separate website and license to serve the Swedish market, which can be found at InterCasino.se. Our international presence can be found at InterCasino.com where we operate in English, Finnish, German, Japanese, and Norwegian. As you can tell, we have a wide European footprint and we provide Customer Support in each of these languages.

What all this means is that while not all online casinos are legal, we take our responsibilities very seriously and comply with the law no matter where we operate. You can play with confidence knowing that InterCasino operates legitimate games within the law and that you are safe.

Is InterCasino the best online casino?
In a competitive sector such as the online casino market, it is very difficult for any website or business to genuinely claim to be the best. However, with a history of more than 20 years as an operator, we believe that we have been able to prove ourselves to the gambling public every day.

InterCasino offers a comprehensive player experience, enticing rewards, one of the best VIP offers on the market and excellent customer service. We like to think that the number of players that continue to play our games month after month and year after year proves our point. As we've said, at InterCasino, you're the real deal.

If this is your first visit to the site, why not join the thousands of other online casino players that are enjoying their time with InterCasino every day? If you sign up today, you'll receive our Welcome Offer and can start playing immediately, taking your chance to win real money prizes.

Join us and play with the best online casino
As one of the earliest online casino operators with more than 20 years of history, here at InterCasino we have had the chance to speak to many thousands of players over the years. How do online casino players rate and review us?

Our reputation is one of professionalism, trust and being a serious and responsible operator. Those positive reviews connect with a large number of players who return month after month to enjoy our games. We are very proud to have many players that view us as one of the best online casinos, rating us very highly. Over time many of our staff have connected very deeply with these players – a comparison that few others in the sector could claim to make. We are very proud of the reputation that we have built and continue to grow.

Being the best online casino is something that we are focused on every day. With this in mind, we constantly work to improve our site and its usability so that we deliver the best possible experience to every player, every time. A great example of this is the way that we have worked to constantly improved the mobile version of our site.

We recommend that you sign up today to find out why so many other people like us so much and rate us so highly. We would love for you to be the next player giving us positive reviews.