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Bonus Terms

10. Bonus money

After creating an account on Slottica you can be rewarded with bonus money - encouragement for various achievements. The amount received after wagering a free registration bonus may be subject to additional limits.

10.1. Bonus money: description

The process of adding and using bonus money is regulated by the following rules:

In order to receive a bonus, you must first activate it. We recommend you to read bonus Terms carefully before activating.
The bonus amount is added to your balance. The bet is made by withdrawing money from the balance, which consists of the main and bonus parts. When using an activated bonus, the real money from the player's account is used first and only then the bonus money, unless otherwise stated.
All winnings are transferred to the balance and the money can't be withdrawn until you bet the necessary amount of times (wager).
When the wager for the bonus is fully processed, the bonus part is transferred to the main balance and the possibility of withdrawing any amount opens, within the available funds.
Not all bets are counted as wagering the bonus. There is a number of exceptions (games) that do not count or count with a lower contribution.
Only one bonus can be active at the same time on your account.
Bonus wagering conditions are cancelled when the client has a balance of 0,2 EUR.
The bonus is a kind of reward and can't be replaced by any other kind of compensation.
10.1.1. Pay attention to the fact that a confirmed phone number is obligatory for confirming the identity and is a guarantee for receiving the bonuses; in the case if these conditions are not fulfilled, the client may be suspended from the bonus policy of the Site.

10.1.2. Slottica reserves the right to change the Terms of its bonus policy at any time. The client takes responsibility to keep abreast of the most relevant information regarding this issue.

10.1.3. Management of the Casino can set the restrictions for the max money amount which can be received from the active bonus.

10.2. Bonus money: wager (wagering)

The process of wagering a bonus means placing a bet on a certain amount, previously described in the bonus conditions. Please make sure that you have read these Terms and Conditions, or if necessary, consult with the support service. Not all bets are taken into account. The bets from table games (Roulette, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Live Casino and others), as well as from various video poker games are not taken into account.

The maximum bet amount to wager the bonus is: 2 EUR.

The maximum bet for sport\eSport: 50 EUR.

In case of doubt, please consult the support service.

Bonuses in sports betting are wagered at odds more than 1.55. If the odds are less than 1.55, these bets will not count towards the bonus wagering.

The progress of wagering the bonus in sports and esports betting will be accelerated three times (x3), provided that the odds are at least 1.55.

10.2.1. Playing with active bonuses is not allowed if:

1) You can hit a jackpot in that game;
2) You can buy bonuses or free spins in that game;
3) The game has multiplier accumulation systems or a scale of bonus accumulations;
4) The game provides an opportunity to spin a single separate reel of the slot or block a single separate reel from spinning.

10.3. Interrelation of bonuses and their priority

The process of bonus activation in your profile and their further wagering is guided by the following rules.

The bonus has several states:

In your profile – the bonus is available for activation in your profile.
Activated – the bonus is activated and is waiting for a deposit or is automatically activated (in case of no deposit bonuses).
Waiting for wagering – the bonus is waiting for the player to wager the bonus.
The bonus was wagered – all the conditions of the wagering were fulfilled.
The bonus was canceled – for some reason the bonus was canceled by the players or by the support service.
At the same time you may have several types of bonuses available in your profile, but only one bonus can be activated.

Activation of the next bonus is possible only in the case when the previous bonus has the status “Wagered” or “Canceled”. In case if your bonus has the status “Waiting for Wagering”, the system will not allow you to activate the next bonus.

10.4. Persistent misuse of bonuses

10.4.1.The bonus is considered to be a kind of present and encouragement to the players and does not imply any commercial gain or profit by safe wagering of bonus.

10.4.2. As a part of providing protection against all kinds of fraudulent schemes Slottica reserves the right to check the payment and gaming activity of customers at any time. And in case of identifying persistent misuse of bonuses Slottica has the right to take measures providing for either disabling the possibility of receiving bonuses in the future, or obtaining compensation for losses incurred.

10.4.3. Below are some of the most common examples of gameplay that can lead to the confiscation of winnings. The full list of violations is not limited to the examples below. The gamer makes high bets to get money on his / her balance quickly and then decreases bets radically (in 2 or more times) in order to wager the bonus with fewer risks with an increased balance. The gamer makes many bets with the minimum expected win in order to get more bets and to wager the bonus as soon as possible. For example, making bets on all numbers in roulette, or on black/red and any other identical bets Betting more than 2 EUR at once while having an active bonus. The player postpones game rounds, including free spins or bonus games, or generates game progress to collect the winnings later. Simultaneous gaming activity across several tabs. The player makes a bet on sports events with an active bonus and then makes a Cash Out of the bet.